Pearl Lake is located in Central Minnesota.       Find us on Google Maps.

FIREWORKS! July 3rd will be here soon. We are in need of donations for the fireworks on July 3rd.
Please send your donations to

Pearl Lake Association
18959 East Shore Drive
Kimball, MN 55353

Mill Creek Nutrient Reduction Project

The Stearns AIS Committee has developed a program that may curb the spread of aquatic invasive species that can happen with the movement of docks, rafts, and other water-related equipment. The MN State Law requires that any such equipment must be kept out of the water for 21 days before being placed in a new water body. The Committee is offering a $200 incentive to the seller if the equipment is kept out of the water for 29 days.  Go to the Stearns County AIS page to find out more or view Flierfor$200Reward.

Pearl Lake, MN