Lake Information

Lake Information

Pearl (73003700)

ID: 73003700
Near: Cold Spring
Border Water: No
Sentinel Lake: Yes

Size and Depth

Area: 753.1 acres
Littoral Area: 511 acres
Shore Length: 4 miles
Mean Depth: 9.8 feet
Maximum Depth: 17 feet

Stearns County Resources

Fishing Regulations:
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MN Boating regs/rules…/boatwater/boatingguide.pdf

Special Fishing Regulations: This lake has special fishing regulations that differ from statewide or border water regulations for those species identified below and take precedence. Regulations listed below are currently in place. Visit the fishing regulations page for links to upcoming regulations for specific lakes.

  • Northern Pike: All from 24-36″ must be immediately released. Possession limit three, only one over 36″.

Aquatic Invasive Species Information

Inspection and cleaning Guidelines.

Aquatic Invasive Species | Stearns County, MN – Official Website

In 2014 the State of Minnesota first offered Local Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Aid to all counties for the purpose of stopping the spread and/or preventing the introduction of aquatic invasive species, such as Eurasian watermilfoil and zebra mussels.

Starry Stonewort information –

Curly- leaf pondweed

Curly-leaf pondweed (Potamogeton crispus) | Minnesota DNR

Description Appearance. Curly-leaf pondweed is a rooted, submersed aquatic plant. Its coloration varies from olive-green to reddish-brown. Leaves and Stem

Chara Information-

Chara | Minnesota DNR

Common names: Muskgrass, Stonewort, sand grass. Location: Usually in clear, hard water. Description: An advanced form of algae. It may grow several feet long and resemble larger plants; light-green or gray-green in color; stemlike branches with forked leaves; grows entirely below the water surface, and dense growth may cover large areas on the lake bottom.